The second legendary edition

Introducing… the second legendary edition in the Ardbeg Anthology Collection. Matured for 14 years in a marriage of aromatic Madeira and classic bourbon casks, this rare Ardbeg is inspired by the tale of the lesser-spotted Islay Unicorn.

One dark night after a fête at the Distillery, the clip-clop of hooves was heard echoing around the yard. Those less swayed by mythical tales will tell you it was Rory, the Distillery’s greedy Shetland Pony – known for his ill-temper and devilishly sweet tooth. Others believe something else was afoot.

Distillery workers ventured outside to investigate. Rounding the corner, they witnessed a horse-like creature rearing up against a full moon. A ‘horn’ protruding from its head, it cut a chilling silhouette. The next day, rumours swirled about a sighting of Scotland’s national animal… a Unicorn.

Now of course, questions about a raided ice cream truck, Rory’s unlatched gate, and a strangely wafery-looking horn were levelled at the workers. But they know what they saw! Sure, a greedy-guts pony is plausible, but Islay is a mysterious place.

Like the myth itself, this spirit may appear sweet in nature, but it hides a sinister and smoky twist… not to be underestimated. 

The Unicorn’s Tale is non-chill filtered at 46%

Awarded a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2024 and two Gold medals at the International Spirits Challenge 2024 and the International Wine and Spirits Competition. 

Tasting Notes


Rich, sweet, aromatic and fruity, baked banana bread and syrupy sponge pudding fill the senses. Notes of treacle trot into a distinctive whiff of burning cedarwood. A splash of water releases a bounty of tropical fruits. Eucalyptus oil mingles with soft, aromatic smoke.


Zesty notes of lime and sweet peaches canter across the palate. A burst of rich smoked fruit and baked bread prance into antiseptic lozenges, creosote, and aniseed. Soft barley malt combines with nutmeg and peat smoke.


The influence of these rare Madeira casks is undeniable. A whimsically smoky finish welcomes a long and lingering aftertaste of menthol, clove, wood smoke and camphor.

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