ARDBEG DAY 2024 SPECTACULAR is coming on 23 May!

ARDBEG DAY 2024 SPECTACULAR is coming on 23 May!

Held annually on the final Saturday of Islay’s Festival of Music and Malt (Fèis Ìle), Ardbeg Day is a global celebration of all things Ardbeg. This year, festivities will take a show-stopping turn at the Distillery and around the world on Saturday 1st June, as Ardbeg marks the occasion with one of its most eclectic experiments to date – Ardbeg Spectacular.


The Distillery’s first whisky aged in port casks, this avant-garde limited edition showcases a spectacle of flavours never before tasted at Ardbeg. Vaulting on to the shoulders of classic bourbon-matured Ardbeg, whisky wholly matured in these port barrels brings a tumbling richness and an acrobatic twist of colour to the Islay malt. Dark chocolate cartwheels across the palate, mint walks the high wire, while aromas of candied fruit, incense candles and smoked pecans swing by on the trapeze.

Gillian Macdonald, Ardbeg Master Blender, said: “Ardbeg Spectacular is a high-flying spirit, very befitting of Ardbeg Day. Its years in bourbon and port casks create a spectacle of flavours, the like of which Ardbeggians will never have tasted before!


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