Ardbeg Heavy Vapours x Hong Kong Artist Pen So

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours x Hong Kong Artist Pen So

Pen So from Hong Kong has been inspired by the rise of Heavy Vapours, created an artpiece with iconic Hong Kong elements, where Ardbeg fans would be able to uncover the mysteries behind the latest Limited Edition release – Ardbeg Heavy Vapours.


Ardbeg has been collaborating with different artists for a Planet Ardbeg comic series starting from this year. It was conceived by award-winning New York cartoonist Ronald Wimberly in collaboration with fellow artists Emma Ríos and Sanford Greene, each bringing their own distinctive voice and style to the project. Using Ardbeg’s core range as their creative launchpad, together they have produced a triptych of fantastical tales as bold and unique as Ardbeg itself.

Pen So

A talented comic artist, designer & award-winning visual artist in Hong Kong with intricate Black & White strokes. He published 5 books about the local Hong Kong historical and cultural scene, cityscape & happenings, also participated in International Comic Festivals: Angoulême International Comics Festival, Affordable Art Fair. Recently he received 2022 Japan International MANGA Award - Silver Award, Champion of Hong Kong New Comic Artist, Hong Kong Book Award.


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